About Us

The Texas City Complex was established in 1941 by Union Carbide Corporation, and provided critical materials to America's World War II defense efforts. The facility grew to become the largest site for Union Carbide. In February 2001 Union Carbide became a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Although much smaller than its peak in the early 1980's, the Texas City Complex is still an important contributor to Dow in providing key intermediates to the down stream businesses.

Today, Texas City Operations occupies and owns 420 acres of land. The site employs 330 employees. Texas City Operations has 2 production plants manufacturing more than 2 billion pounds of products each year.

Texas City Operations manufactures more than 30 chemical products. Products including aldehydes, organic acids and vinyl acetate are produced for use in plastics, solvents, coatings, ink, brake fluid, pharmaceuticals, and other useful products. Consumers use these products everyday in such things as mouthwash, cleaners, chewing gum, and bandages.

The raw materials used in the manufacturing of Texas City Operations products are primarily natural gas, ethylene and propylene. Products are distributed by water, rail, truck, and pipeline to customers all over the world.

Texas City Operations continuously seeks to have a positive impact on employees, the community and the environment. The site communicates regularly with near-neighbors, and works actively with the Texas City-LaMarque Community Advisory Council to keep the community involved in site activities.

Committed to Responsible Care® efforts, the site has programs of safety, health, emergency response and environmental protection for employees and the community. On Mar. 30, 2013, Texas City achieved four years with no process safety incidents--the best safety record in the plant's history.

Aligning social, environmental and economic responsibilities to build sustainable partnerships with the community, Texas City Operations gives more than $200,000 annually to educational, diversity, health, and environmental causes through foundation grants and local contributions. In addition, TCO volunteers , including employees, retirees and family members , have donated more than 30,000 work hours and completed 200 major community projects since 1988.