Employee passion and talent are the force behind every philanthropic engagement. Traditional and skills-based volunteerism activities demonstrate the compassion of Dow and Dow people to get engaged, and give our stakeholders and communities a glimpse into the values that drive every action the company takes.

Employees apply their talents and passions to community challenges via Dow Corps, the company’s overarching program for all types of employee engagement and volunteerism. Dow Corps brings together traditional and skills-based employee engagement programs to focus on priorities that are aligned to Dow’s Global Citizenship efforts and the Engaging Employees for Impact goal. It is based on the premise that employees thrive when they see that their work is central to the company and the community – work that impacts both the bottom line and the greater good. For more information on our volunteerism in our community, email

Dow Gives

Charitable or non-profit organizations (have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax designation) or municipal or government agencies are encouraged to submit project proposals for one-time, tangible, re-usable projects that relate to long-term sustainable initiatives meeting the needs of communities near our facilities in the Houston Hub (Deer Park, La Porte, Bayport, Texas City). For more information on grant proposals, email

Deer Park Operations Mural Challenge

Dow has very ambitious 2025 Global Sustainability Goals. Through these goals, we will collaborate with like-minded partners to maximize the economic, environmental and social value of our efforts to advance the well-being of humanity. Over the next decade, Dow will continue to reduce its own operational footprint, deliver ever-increasing value to customers and society through its handprint of products and solutions, and develop and deliver a blueprint for a sustainable planet and society.

As part of our site’s personal 2025 Sustainability Goals, Deer Park Operations is installing a new micro-market for use by employees to utilize in order to purchase fresh foods, snacks, and beverages during their work day. The market will provide an outlet for employees to fuel their bodies without having to leave the site. In turn, this will decrease carbon emissions, increase personal convenience, and decrease unnecessary time spent commuting to and from offsite lunch locations. This is where you come in! The new micro-market has a blank wall facing a major parking lot where we need your help in picturing/painting an aspect of our sustainability goals in art form.

Students can submit an entry of proposed mural artwork no later than June 7, 2019. For more information on the mural challenge, email

A full explanation of the rules are available here.

All attachments should be emailed to and include the team name.