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The Dow Chemical Company - DowGives Community Grant Application Guideline

Thank you for your organization’s interest in applying for the $24,000 DowGives Community Grant!

The Dow Chemical Company has recently changed the application submission process.

Please be sure to carefully read the overview of the grant program and directions before completing your application below.

Overview of the DowGives Community Grant Program

Dow’s goal, using the DowGives grants, is to enhance the aesthetic qualities of our fenceline neighborhoods and positively impact the overall quality of life in the Knoxville community by providing a grant of $24,000 to the non-profit organization best able to advance its focus on community land use projects.

Application criteria:

  • Applicants must be charitable or non-profit organizations (have a 501(c)3 non-profit tax designation) or be municipal or government agencies. Faith-based organizations are welcome to apply provided their project benefits the community as a whole and does not promote one religion over others
  • Involve beautification, greenways, parks, neighborhood cleanup, neighborhood involvement and community pride, historical preservation and environmental improvement
  • Are within a three-mile radius of The Dow Chemical Company Knoxville operations
  • Bonus points will be awarded to projects that are physically located in one of the below fenceline neighborhoods of Ft. Sanders, West View, Mechanicsville, Western Heights, Marble City, Beaumont, College Hill, & Lonsdale – see map attachment
  • Address a demonstrated need within our area of focus
  • Have a clear and measurable plan for achieving a long-term impact
  • If additional funding is required to complete the project, the funding sources must be secured and confirmed prior to applying for a DowGives Community Grant
  • A maximum of one application per organization will be accepted
  • A detailed budget must be uploaded to the online application
  • Are sustainable after the conclusion of the DowGives grant
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • It is Dow’s preference to provide one $24,000 grant to a single sustainable program or project. However, if circumstances or conditions arise that prevent this from occurring, up to two grants will be considered for two organizations.
  • Further, preference will be given to projects in which the $24,000 grant award accounts for most or all of a project’s cost – thus providing the greatest community impact It is EXTREMELY important to provide a complete budget that specifies the costs for which the community grant would be used. Without this information, the application will be considered ineligible.

Do not apply for non-tangible expenses or costs including:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Salaries – including labor and consulting fees (e.g. engineering, architecture)
  • Food
  • Office supplies
  • Travel expenses
  • Advertising
  • Fund raising events, giveaways or prizes
  • Scholarships
  • Dues and memberships
  • Training expenses
  • Lobbying expenses
  • Other non-tangible, non-reusable costs that require ongoing funding in order to continue the project

What kinds of projects DO NOT qualify?

  • Those submitted by for-profit businesses, religious organizations for the sole benefit of that organization, individual sports teams, political organizations or candidates, labor unions, homeowners associations or individuals
  • In accordance with the guidelines of The Dow Chemical Company Foundation, vehicles and other modes of transportation do not qualify for funding

Is there a limit on the number of grants for which an organization may apply? Why?

Dow will accept only one application per organization. If an organization applies for more than one grant, regardless of grant amount, the organization will be disqualified for consideration for all grants for which it has applied. This is because the Dow Gives Grant Program is intended to maximize the distribution of funding from Dow to the areas in which it provides the highest value to communities. Each submitting organization, therefore, is asked to prioritize its projects and submit only one application per year for the program that provides the greatest impact and meets the greatest need.

I received a Dow Gives Grant last year. Can I apply again this year?

No, grant winners must wait 3 years after the year of winning the first grant before being eligible to apply again for the grant.

My non-profit group is trying to build a new community center. We need a total of $80,000 and Dow is the first organization we’ve approached for funding. Are we eligible?

Not at this time. When you secure the remaining funds required, you may apply for consideration in the Dow Gives Grants Program. This helps ensure that the funding provided through this program will be utilized as outlined in the project proposal and the funds go to community groups that have researched their project and already secured other community support as required.

My organization needs a new van. Would we be able to apply for funding?

No. The Dow Chemical Company Foundation guidelines do not allow for the funding of projects related to transportation.

If we are successful, how long do we have to complete the project?

All DowGives Grant projects must be completed within 1 year of the date of the Grant Decision which is listed below for each year winner. If the project cannot be completed within this time frame, a discussion with Dow representatives must be conducted to determine next steps, which may include a requirement for the organization to re-pay the grant funding as well, Organizations with unfinished grant projects are not eligible for further Dow funding until the project is complete.

What is the maximum dollar amount I can apply for?

Your organization can apply for a maximum of $24,000.

Selection process

A selection committee comprised of community members from representatives of the Knoxville Community Advisory Panel will review the applications and provide scores based on how well the project meets the grant program criteria. They will then meet to discuss and select the successful project(s). Site visits of the project may be included in the grant process. Scoring process is attached. This scoring process is only one part in the selection process.

Print off a copy of the entire grant application to ensure that you have all of the required documents and information needed to complete the application.

Please Note: All applications must be submitted online at the email address on the application. There are no exceptions.

7/1 till 8/2 - Applications accepted, 8/5 till 9/6 - Review of Applications and possible site visits of top 3 applicants, 9/16 - Winner announced

Questions - Contact:

Gail Benner