EHS Policy

We believe the health and safety of people is valued above all else. We ensure that our operations, workplace, and products are free from significant risk to the health and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors, customers, carriers, distributors, neighbors, the general public, and the environment.

We meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and company standards, and are committed to continual improvement as shown by our voluntary participation in Kentucky’s Occupational Safety and Health Voluntary Protection Partnership and American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program.

We provide our employees and visitors with a safe workplace. We encourage and involve our employees in the evaluation and continuous improvement of plant environmental, health, safety, and medical systems.

We strive to eliminate or reduce emissions, discharges, and wastes from every stage of our operations. We are committed to pollution prevention and continual improvement of our environmental performance.

We communicate and listen. We are responsive to our employees, customers, neighbors, and government. We proactively share information concerning potential hazards resulting from our operations or our products.

We ensure that policies and procedures are in place to implement these principles. All managers are responsible for implementing these policies and procedures. In keeping with these policies and procedures, all employees are responsible for their behavior.

We audit our performance. The Louisville Leadership Team, with employee representation, monitors our commitment and progress.

The Louisville Leadership Team