Everyone works hard on safety to make sure nobody gets hurt. Our safety record is very good, but as long as a single co-worker gets hurt on the job, we're not good enough yet. Back strains and sprains and hand injuries are the most common. We particularly emphasize prevention of those injuries during safety meetings and training programs.

Employees can volunteer to serve on the plant's fire brigade, which responds to any emergencies in the plant. When needed, they also respond to emergencies in the outside community. Fire brigade members are well-trained regularly, as are those who serve as emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

What should you do if there's a chemical release that gets outside the fenceline? You should shelter in place: go indoors, seal off outside air as much as possible, and turn on your radio for further instructions. To help deliver the shelter in place message, Rohm and Haas and the other Rubbertown companies introduced Wally Wise Guy -- a turtle mascot available to make public appearances. For more information, e-mail us back at this web site.