RCAC Presentations

Rubbertown Community Advisory Council (RCAC) Presentations

Prepared in collaboration with the University of louisville, School of Public Health Depts. Epidemiology and Clinical Investigation Sciences and Occupational and Environmental Health.

Air Toxics Study

We all should be concerned about air quality and look for ways to reduce emissions of chemicals, especially air toxics.

Download Presentation: RCAC - Air Toxics Study

Rubbertown Community Advisory Council - A Partnership (Overview)

Rubbertown is located along the Ohio River in western Jefferson County. The dozen chemical companies produce rubber, plastics, coatings, and other chemical products used to make cars, paint, appliances, packaging, and even space shuttle fuel.

Download Presentation: RCAC - A Partnership

Cancer and Jefferson County

Many people are concerned about cancer and its possible links to environment. Should residents near Rubbertown be any more concerned than anyone else? The University of louisville School of Public Health has analyzed cancer rates across Jefferson County.

Download Presentation: RCAC - Cancer and Jefferson County