Community Partnership Initiative

Since its launch in 1998, Rohm and Haas Company has provided local communities with a special grant-making program called the Community Partnership Initiative (CPI). Today, CPI grants of $30,000 are annually awarded in seven Rohm and Haas communities in the United States, including Louisville.

The CPI program is managed by the Rohm and Haas Community Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC is an open forum for community representatives and the local Rohm and Haas facility to discuss the goals, activities and concerns of both the local plant and the surrounding community.

The CAC is responsible for identifying a focus for the grant, requesting proposals, evaluating grant applications, and ultimately awarding the grant to the winning non-profit organization. To determine the focus for CPI in our community, the CAC recently polled community leaders to identify the most pressing local need. The response from local leaders was clear: activities for youth when school is not in session.

The target communities for CPI are located within a 3-mile radius of the Rohm and Haas facility, located at 4300 Camp Ground Road in Louisville. In awarding the grant, priority consideration is given to programs requiring a grant of $30,000. However, if a viable proposal for $30,000 does not emerge, proposals for grants between $5,000-$25,000 will be considered. Organizations may use the grant in a single year or up to three years.