Good Neighbors


Rohm and Haas operates with the philosophy that maintaining open lines of communication with neighboring residents about all aspects of manufacturing processes and community issues is the responsible way to do business. We participate in the Rubbertown Community Advisory Council for this reason.

Education Programs Overview

Junior Achievement has long been a corporate priority at Rohm and Haas. In addition to significant cash donations to support JA, about 20 employees teach Junior Achievement classes mainly at St. Denis School on Cane Run Road. The children from first through eighth grade are introduced to the free enterprise system and how business works. JA's board of directors has included Rohm and Haas employees for many years. (Additional contacts: Ann Montgomery, principal, St. Denis School; Elaine Wnorowski, president, Junior Achievement)

Over, Under, Around, Through

How some highschool seniors have overcome life's obstacles.

WBKI-TV came up with a great idea: Create a scholarship program and the station would help promote it. Rohm and Haas employees have for years mentored students at Cane Run Elementary School. Many of these children have enormous mountains to climb to reach success. Wouldn't it be appropriate, then, to recognize some high school seniors who have conquered their own personal mountains and are pointed toward college feeling all the stronger and more confident?

That's how Rohm and Haas created an essay contest about overcoming obstacles. Students from Butler, Doss, Holy Cross, Pleasure Ridge Park, Shawnee and Western High Schools - the schools closest to the Rohm and Haas plant - were eligible to compete. One $1,000 scholarship was available to a student in each school. Employees and members of the plant's Citizens Advisory Council judged the essays, and scholarships were presented to the seniors at their respective awards programs.

What the judges read was an outpouring of emotion and courage from students. Some overcame poverty. Others, broken homes. One was dealing with paralysis. Their stories were too good not to share with other students. That's why Rohm and Haas created this booklet. We reprint the essays, with the authors' permission, so that others might be inspired to conquer their own mountains.

Rohm and Haas, with headquarters in Philadelphia, manufactures plastics additives and coatings at its louisville plant. These materials are used in plastic pipes, vinyl house siding, plastic bottles, car bumpers, auto and boat finishes, acrylic paints, adhesives, floor polish, inks, tissue paper, highway paints, and much more. The plant employs 510 people at its facility on Campground Road. Rohm and Haas seeks to be a good neighbor in part through its support of education and after-school programs for kids who live in the vicinity of Rubbertown.