Products Made in the Delaware Valley

Dow innovation is essential to products we use each day. When we work or play on computers, paint a wall or piece of furniture in our homes, polish our floors, and caulk our bathrooms. Dow in the Delaware Valley plays a crucial role to play in the products that help us do these things.


Including architectural paint and coatings, industrial coatings, traffic paint, paper and leather coatings. The Paint Quality Institute, also located in the Delaware Valley, maintains a paint exposure station which helps our customers develop high-quality paints that are easy to apply, stand up in harsh weather conditions and are better for the environment. The exposure panes provide essential research into how coatings behave on different surfaces under various weather conditions.

Home and Personal Care

Including hair, sun and skin care, as well as household laundry and cleaning products

Water Treatment

Including municipal, industrial and home solutions


Including controlled release capsules, tablets, coatings and more

Microbial Control

Including technologies that preserve materials and prevent growth of nuisance and dangerous micro-organisms


Including fruit quality management for storage and transport

Electrical and Telecommunication

Including jacketing and insulation for industrial and communications wire and cables


Including chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) products, from polishing pads, conditioners, and slurries to reactive solutions, carrier films and template assemblies

Building and Construction Industries

Including Polyiso foam products like TUFF-R™ and THERMAX™ for the building and construction industries to provide strength, comfort and energy efficiency