Commitment and Priority Areas

Dow looks to support programs based on the following areas:

  • Building the Workforce of Tomorrow
    • Educator Empowerment – Build STEM teaching skills, create leadership and career development programs, and involve students in hands-on activities
    • Classroom to Career – Ignite interest and enhance preparedness for students in STEM fields through events, projects and competitions that lead to STEM career decisions; develop skilled trades programs and promote a variety of workforce opportunities


  • Innovating for Global (Local) Solutions
    • Increase Food Productivity & Prevent Waste – Increase agricultural yields and productivity, and provide value chain solutions to preserve food and prevent waste
    • Water Access & Reuse – Provide safe, clean drinking water to populations who currently lack access; preserve, clean-up and reuse precious water resources through innovative solutions
    • Energy Efficiency & Affordable Housing – Increase the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings to reduce energy consumption; and ensure access to safe, affordable shelter for those in need
    • Community Well-being – Enable economic development, sustainability, and education leading to socially healthy and resilient communities, while also encouraging self-sufficiency