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Innovation Policy

Innovation, the development of new ideas and technologies, is both an essential principle underpinning Dow’s overall business philosophy and a pillar of the global economy. It is a concept that is especially fundamental to the chemical industry, which still has vast potential for technological advancement, as it works to identify and solve problems facing the world.

Manufacturing and innovation are inextricably linked. Manufacturing spurs innovation, but also depends on innovation to make products more sustainable, efficient, and effective. Furthermore, because research and development (R&D) is linked to production, innovation follows manufacturing — where manufacturing goes, the ideas follow.

Innovation in manufacturing creates jobs, new products, and industries, and raises wages and living standards around the world. As globalization continues to present new opportunities and challenges, innovation in manufacturing will be crucial to achieving market competitiveness and economic development. Whether countries compete on the basis of cost or higher value-add, innovation is central to competitiveness.

Dow’s Policy Position

Dow believes that any research, innovation, and technology agenda must:

  • Adopt policies that will attract and retain investment in R&D and other activities that drive innovation.
  • Vigorously protect all forms of manufacturers’ IP and strengthen enforcement against counterfeiting and other forms of IP theft.
  • Foster the growth of connected technologies, digital infrastructure and data-driven innovation across all manufacturing industry segments.
  • Include cybersecurity policies that draw on industry best practices.

Last revised December 2022