Issues & Challenges

As a leader in science and technology, Dow believes in sound science and we are proud of the contributions chemistry has made to humanity. As the body of scientific research grows, we are committed to changing, evolving and continuously improving - with the conviction that science and technology can provide solutions. This knowledge, along with our commitment to sustainability, guides us as we responsibly address the historical issues our 110 year old company faces.

At Dow, we understand that in a world with many challenges and issues there will also be differences of opinion. We respect the diversity of positions and the exchange of ideas about the world's challenges. It is in this environment of dialogue and exchange that we might open our eyes to new ideas and together resolve the issues we share. We are committed to engaging in dialogue with others who are similarly dedicated to respecting diversity of opinion and constructive exchange of ideas.

Learn more about these complex historical issues and what we are doing to work through them.

Agent Orange

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