Engaging for Impact

DowCorps in Action


We recognize that it is through the time and talent of our employees that catalyzes true global impact. DowCorps is the company’s volunteer platform – the conduit to engaging employees to help create sustainable communities while also supporting and furthering business success.

The passion and expertise of our people are the heart and soul of our work. In support of our goal to positively impact the lives of 1 Billion people across the globe by 2025, Dow people are committing their time and talents through traditional and skilled employee volunteerism.

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Dow encourages purposeful volunteerism. We know employees thrive when they see that their work is central to the company and the community – work that impacts both the bottom line and the greater good. DowCorps offers two employee engagement routes:

Traditional – Employees dedicate their time to lend a helping hand with a variety of projects ranging from Habitat builds… to painting a house… to delivering food to people in need… to cleaning a park… to volunteering at a community event.

Skills-Based – Employees apply specific expertise, talent, professional skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of people around the world. Expertise in areas of business, engineering, accounting, supply chain, information technology and a host of other skills and competencies help those in need.