Innovation at the Intersections


Innovating Solutions for Our Customers and the World

Facing mounting global competition and industry consolidation, Dow recognizes it faces a critical juncture. It can choose to transform once again to the innovation company of its origins – or stay a basics commodity company. In 2004, Dow begins to restructure its portfolio by going deeper into targeted high-value markets and to rebuild the company’s R&D infrastructure, which had been sacrificed in the mid-1990s to generate cash flow.

Over the past 10 years, Dow has strengthened its innovation and integration, making long-term investments in R&D and low-cost feedstocks. Dow’s ability to innovate at the intersection of chemistry, engineering and material science has brought solutions that differentiate its customers while positively impacting the world. These include lightweight carbon fibers for cars, technology to more efficiently produce cleaner water, and packaging solutions that help make food safer and stay fresh longer.


Andrew Liveris begins his 14-year tenure as Chairman and CEO, transforming Dow from a commodity chemicals manufacturer into one powered by science, driven by innovation, and delivering solutions to the world.


Dow announces its 2015 Sustainability Goals.


Kuwait cancels its $17 billion deal for joint venture K-Dow Petrochemicals.


Dow acquires Rohm and Haas, a key element in Dow’s new Advanced Materials division.


Dow becomes a Worldwide Olympic Partner and the Official Chemistry Company for the Olympic Movement through 2020.

Dow completes divestiture of its Polycarbonate, Latex, Rubber and Styrenics businesses into an independent company named Trinseo (formerly Styron).


Dow unveils comprehensive plans to increase its ethylene and propylene production and connect its U.S. Gulf Coast operations to shale gas liquids.

Dow and Saudi Aramco announce a joint venture to create Sadara Chemical Co.


Dow announces plans to exit a significant portion of its chlorine chain businesses, setting the stage for a successful merger with Olin in 2015.


Dow and Corning announce a definitive agreement to restructure ownership of Dow Corning in which Dow will become the full owner of the 50:50 joint venture.

Dow and DuPont announce that their boards of directors unanimously approved a definitive agreement under which the companies will merge, then subsequently spin off into three independent companies.


Dow completes a strategic ownership restructure of Dow Corning and becomes 100% owner Dow Corning’s silicones business.


DowDuPont merger successfully completed. Company moves forward toward intended separation into industry-leading, publicly traded companies in Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products; separations expected to occur within 18 months.


Andrew N. Liveris transitions out of DowDuPont Executive Chairman Role and retires; Jim Fitterling named CEO-elect and Howard Ungerleider named President-elect and CFO of intended Materials Science Company.


Dow completes separation from DowDuPont, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the company. Dow executives ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to open the market and signal the beginning of regular way trading under the "DOW" ticker symbol.