How collaboration is driving a sustainable future

Coming together across the public and private sectors to expand and create new recycling systems is a part of non-profit organization, Fundación Avina’s, DNA.

Jeff Wooster, Global Sustainability Director at Dow, sat down with Gonzalo Roqué , Regional Manager at Fundació n Avina, to discuss how their commitment to collaborative, inclusive and equitable sustainability are coming to life through social impact projects that are helping reform and upgrade the waste management system and livelihoods in Latin America and across the globe.

Meet Gonzalo Roqué


Regional Manager of the Latin America Recycling Program at Fundación Avina.

Gonzalo Roqué, based in Argentina, is a Program Manager who brings a vast array of experience in the field of sustainable development to non-profit organization, Fundación Avina. Roqué has led the design and development of several projects in the organization as it relates to sustainable businesses, value chain integration, inclusive recycling, corporate social responsibility, and the circular economy. He’s been with the foundation for over 18 years and has been the head of the regional program for Inclusive Recycling since 2012.

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