Sustainable Waste Management: Giving Used Items a New Life

With millions of individuals across the U.S. lacking access to proper recycling, The Junkluggers, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional junk removal, is aiming to provide sustainable disposal services for homes and businesses nationwide. 

Gail Tavill, Franchise Owner of The Junkluggers, joined Jeff Wooster, Global Sustainability Director at Dow, to discuss how the process works and what they are doing to help change the mindset of so many – from a linear “take-make-dispose” system to a circular one where materials are treated as valuable resources that can help create smarter solutions for our future.

Gail Tavill

Meet Gail Tavill


Franchise Owner of The Junkluggers 

Gail Tavill has been an advocate for waste reduction and recycling for many years. She joined The Junkluggers family to further their mission to keep reusable goods and materials from going to waste. Previously, Gail spent 30 plus years in the food industry, beginning as a packaging engineer at Kraft Foods. She has extensive thought leadership experience in CSR, circularity, and sustainability, particularly related to product & package design, food waste, public policy, and external issue management. 

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