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Medical Cost and Coverage

To help you make an informed choice, we have provided a series of medical charts. The charts will outline the cost and coverage of the medical plans offered to Dow retirees and eligible family members.

For plan year 2020
For plan year 2019

Calculating Retiree Medical Premiums

To help calculate your monthly premium, if you are on the Support Schedule:

Dow Retiree Medical Calculator

Summary Plan Descriptions

Please select the summary plan description (SPD) applicable to you:

The SPD's for the self-funded HMO's are comprised of two parts: 1) SPD Wrapper and 2) Appendix A:

The SPD's for the insured HMO's are comprised of two parts: 1) SPD Wrapper and 2) HMO publication. The SPD wrapper is at the link below. Contact your HMO or the Retiree Service Center (800-344-0661) to obtain a copy of the HMO publication, which contains coverage details.

Cigna - International Medical and Dental Plan

Access to this plan is limited to eligible participants only

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Information

For information regarding your pre-age 65 or post-age 65 life insurance coverage, please download the applicable Summary Plan Description (SPD) below.

For Life Insurance premiums for eligible retirees, download this item.

Summary Plan Descriptions

Life Insurance Extras

Will Preparation and Estate Resolution Services

Pre-Age 65 retirees who are enrolled in Retiree-Paid Optional Life Insurance can prepare or update a standard will for little or no cost, and probate assistance is available for their estate.


Retirement Health Care Assistance Plan

If you contributed to the Retirement Health Care Assistance Plan (RHCAP) as an active Employee, you can use available funds from your RHCAP account to pay for all or a portion of your medical premiums.

Summary Plan Descriptions

For detailed information regarding RHCAP, download the Summary Plan Description.

Retirement Health Care Assistance Plan Claim Form

RHCAP Fund Performance

RHCAP Plan assets are invested in two institutional funds provided by Northern Trust. The default election invests 60% of the assets in an equity fund and 40% in a fixed-income fund. Additionally a new option is now available which allocates 20% of the assets to an equity fund and 80% in a fixed-income fund. The assets are invested in the following funds:

Northern Trust U.S. Investable Market Index Fund – The fund employs a "passive management" or indexing investment approach. The primary objective of the Fund is to approximate the risk and return characteristics of the Morgan Stanley U.S. Investable Market Index. This index is commonly used to represent the broad U.S. equity market. To achieve its objective, the Fund employs a replication technique which generally seeks to hold each index constituent in its proportional index weight.

Northern Trust Aggregate Bond Index Fund - The Fund employs a "passive management" or idexing investment approach. The primary objective of the Fund is to hold a portfolio representative of the overall U.S. bond and debt market, as characterized by the Barclays Capital Aggregate Index. The Fund provides the desired exposure using quantitative techniques which maintain the portfolios neutrality to the index by monitoring a broad range of factors while limiting exposure to liquid securities and excessive transaction costs.

The investment goal of the RHCAP fund is to provide one option (default) which delivers growth of capital and low to moderate level of current income and a second option (20% equity / 80% fixed-income) which delivers a low level of growth of capital and a moderate to high level of current income. The investments are subject to the volatility of the financial markets and there may be periods during which the the returns are or could be negative.

60% Equity / 40% Fixed Income

2017 Fund Actual Performance
1st Quarter 3.83%
2nd Quarter 2.37%
3rd Quarter 3.10%
4th Quarter 3.91%


RHCAP Annual Historical Actual Performance

2017 13.87% 2011 4.4% 2005 5.1% 1999 12.4%
2016 8.63% 2010 14.9% 2004 9.8% 1998 20.3%
2015 0.88% 2009 21.5% 2003 20.1% 1997 23.0%
2014 9.99% 2008 -21.7% 2002 -9.8% 1996 15.7%
2013 18.0% 2007 6.0% 2001 -2.6% 1995 31.7%
2012 11.5% 2006 10.4% 2000 1.4% 1994 -1.4%


20% Equity / 80% Fixed Income

The following 20% Equity /80% Fixed Income returns are simulated returns based on the fund allocation weights and the actual returns of the respective fund. The 60% Equity / 40% Fixed Income returns are included for comparison purposes. The 20% Equity / 80% Fixed Income option enables the retired participant to de-risk their investment by increasing the fixed income allocation which could potentially reduce future investment returns.

Q3-2017 1.59%
YTD 2017 5.24%
1 Year 3.48%
3 Year 4.34%
5 Year 4.44%
7 Year 5.25%


60% Equity / 40% Fixed Income

Q3-2017 3.09%
YTD 2017 9.58%
1 Year 10.86%
3 Year 7.62%
5 Year 9.32%
7 Year 9.83%

For additional information on RHCAP (how to submit a claim, etc.)
Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment Information

Dow's annual open enrollment provides you an opportunity to review your current benefit elections and decide if you want to make changes for the coming year.

A comprehensive look at what's new for the coming year.

Dow Benefits Enrollment Website
If you need to change your medical plan or coverage level during Annual Enrollment or update beneficiaries at any time, you can do so on the Dow Benefits Enrollment Website. A password will be required.


Pension Plan for Dow Employees

Summary Plan Descriptions

For a summary description of the Dow Employees' Pension Plan, select the link below. This plan may apply to employees who left The Dow Chemical Company or its participating employers on or after 1/1/96 and were participants. If you retired prior to this date, no electronic SPD is available for your plan. Please contact the Retiree Service Center for specific information regarding your plan.

Summary of Material Modifications

Annual Pension Funding Notice

These notices provide important funding information about your pension plan. They also provide a description of how the plan's assets are invested and a description of the benefits under the plans that are eligible to be guaranteed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), a federal agency.

Pension Form 5500

Each year, the Company is required to provide information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) regarding the Dow Employees’ Pension Plan. This reporting requirement is generally satisfied by filing the IRS Form 5500, including all applicable Schedules and Attachments. The Company generally files the Form 5500 in mid-October for the prior year and posts a subset of the filing here, which provides the basic plan and actuarial information. The entire filing can be found on the DOL website at


401(k) Information

The Dow Chemical Company Employees’ Savings Plan (401(k)) record keeper is Fidelity Investments. The Savings Plan Service Center at Fidelity has been established to handle the day-to-day Plan operations. The Savings Plan Service Center offers a voice response system, a website and Plan representatives to answer your questions.

Summary Plan Descriptions

COLI Incentive

COLI Incentive Benefit Plan

Summary Plan Descriptions

If you retired after 1983, and if the Company asked you to consent to the Company's purchase of Company-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) while you were an active employee, and you consented, you may be entitled to a death benefit equal to either $5000 or $4000 under the COLI Incentive Benefit Plan.

COLI Incentive Beneficiary Form

Please use this form to designate your beneficiary for the COLI Incentive Benefit Plan. This form may be used by certain Salaried and Midland Hourly Retirees who signed and submitted a COLI Consent Form on whom The Dow Chemical (Company) purchased a corporate-owned life insurance ("COLI") policy on their lives.