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As was recently announced, we will discontinue employee contributions to the Retiree Healthcare Assistance Plan starting in 2022. Note: The content in this site does not reflect the recent announcement and will be updated in the near future.


New medical plan names, same great coverage. We’ve simplified the names of our two core plans available through Aetna:

  • MAP Plus Option 1 is now Low Deductible Medical Plan
  • MAP Plus Option 2 is now High Deductible Medical Plan

While the names have changed, what’s covered remains the same.

Costs & Coverage

For costs and coverage information, please click on your home state of residence from the list below:

For plan year 2021

Summaries of Benefits & Coverage

For plan year 2021

Cigna - International Medical and Dental Plan

Access to this plan is limited to eligible participants only

Summary Plan Descriptions


For plan year 2021





For plan year 2021

Summary Plan Descriptions


For plan year 2021



Delta Dental (Basic Plus and PPO High)
Aetna Dental (DMO)
Cigna Dental Health (DMO)

Cost & Coverage

Summary Plan Descriptions


VSP Vision
Life & Accident Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Extras

  • Dignity Funeral Planning provides information on funeral discounts and planning services available through MetLife Advantages ‐ at no additional cost to you.
  • Funeral Planning Guide provides an easy-to-use format for documenting information your survivors will need upon your death
  • Grief Counseling can provide you, your dependents or beneficiaries with support, comfort, tools and services to help get back to a productive life after experiencing any major loss

Will Preparation and Estate Resolution Services

Employees who are enrolled in Employee-Paid Life Insurance can prepare or update a standard will for little or no cost, and probate assistance is available for their estate.

Accident Insurance

Cost & Coverage/SPDs/Forms


Long Term Disability

Group Legal Plan

The Group Legal Plan provides personal legal services for eligible Employees, their Spouses and Dependent Children.

Long Term Care Insurance


Summary Plan Descriptions

RHCAP Annual Portfolio Returns*

As of December 31, 2020
20% Equity / 80% Fixed Income Portfolio

  • 2020 return: 10.93%
  • 2019 return: 13.15%
  • 3-year annualized return: 7.54%
  • 5-year annualized return: N/A

60% Equity / 40% Fixed Income Portfolio

  • 2020 return: 16.48%
  • 2019 return: 22.06%
  • 3-year annualized return: 11.33%
  • 5-year annualized return: 11.33%


Long Term Disability Insurance