Imagine Better for our Communities

You are an important part of our legacy, so we ask that you consider being a part of our future by supporting the communities each of us calls home.


Dow is celebrating 125 years of ingenuity and innovation, partnership and problem solving, and community and culture. We have a unique opportunity to Imagine Better in partnership with United Way to Imagine Better for our communities and neighbors.

Working side-by-side, Team Dow and United Way strive to create a ripple effect of meaningful and lasting change.

Through our investment and partnership with United Way, we address the most pressing health and human services needs in the areas of Health, Education and Financial Stability. Dollars are invested in prioritized community programs, and success is measured in how lives are changed.

Please consider making a personal commitment to Imagine Better for the communities we support by contributing to the campaign, considering how you might personally change the lives of our neighbors.

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