Tobacco Cessation

We realize that quitting the use of tobacco is one of the most difficult things a person can do. Below are resources and references we know can help. Take that first step to beginning a longer and healthier life.

Quit.4.Life Quitline

Dow has partnered with the Quit For Life® program to help you break free from tobacco use. Quit for Life helps tobacco users prepare for and successfully quit all forms of tobacco at no cost to you. The program includes: phone calls with a trained tobacco cessation Quit Coach®, optional free 8 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (patch or gum), and more. Quit.4.Life is brought to you by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Alere Wellbeing.

Eligibility: The program is available to all U.S. Dow employees (and employees of Dow JVs/ subsidiaries) eligible for the Dow medical plan. In addition, retirees, spouses and dependents (age 18 and older) currently covered under Dow’s MAP Plus Option 1 Low Deductible or MAP Plus Option 2 High Deductible benefit plans (administered by AETNA) may use the program.

To register by phone, call 866.QUIT.4.LIFE (866-784-8454); or to enroll online, visit

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State Quitlines

For those not eligible for Quit.4.Life under the Dow medical plan, please call 1.800.QUIT.NOW to find the state quitline nearest you, or visit

Dow U.S. Health & Fitness Reimbursement

Some U.S. employees at leader-approved sites are eligible for partial reimbursement of certain expenses for their choice of approved physical activity, nutrition/weight management, and/or tobacco cessation expenses, as part of the U.S. Health & Fitness Reimbursement Program.

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Breathe™ Smoking Cessation Program (Aetna members)

Learn more about the seven key characteristics to successful quitting. The program provides relevant information and a personalized action plan built on your specific issues and behaviors related to smoking cessation. This interactive program improves your confidence and motivation while effectively addressing habits, barriers, and triggers.

This program is part of the online wellness programs that are available to Dow Aetna members through the Aetna Simple Steps Health Assessment. To access this and many other programs, go to, scroll over “Health Records” and choose the “Take a Health Assessment” link.

Tobacco Cessation Coverage (Aetna members)

Active employees, retirees and family members enrolled in the U.S. MAP Plus Option 1 Low Deductible or MAP Plus Option 2 High Deductible benefit plans are eligible for coverage of tobacco cessation expenses. Eligible members can receive financial assistance for tobacco cessation consulting, nicotine replacement therapy and approved prescription drugs.

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E-cigarettes and Dow’s No Tobacco Policy

Electronic cigarettes, more commonly called “e-cigarettes,” are a type of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) violates Dow's Tobacco Policy. Smoking in any form through the use of tobacco products (pipes, cigars, cigarettes or vaping with e-cigarettes) on Dow property is prohibited.

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