Physical Activity

"We do not stop exercising because we get old. We get old because we stop exercising."– author unknown

The choice is yours. Below are a variety of resources and references that can help you get started OR to keep you going.

Dow Wellness Centers

Dow provides access to physical activity at many sites, which may include wellness centers, exercise rooms, walking paths/routes, and other opportunities.

Balance™ Weight Management and Physical Activity Program

A dynamic program that addresses three critical elements of successful weight loss and maintenance - mind, body and food - in a personalized weight loss/maintenance plan that addresses each participant’s unique needs. Includes iPod™-enabled exercise videos, goal tracking tools, recipes, and more.

This program is part of the online wellness programs that are available to Dow Aetna members through the Aetna Simple Steps Health Assessment. To access this and many other programs, go to, scroll over “Health Records” and choose the “Take a Health Assessment” link.

Dow Health & Fitness Reimbursement

Some U.S. employees at leader-approved sites are eligible for partial reimbursement of certain expenses for their choice of approved physical activity, nutrition/weight management, and/or tobacco cessation expenses, as part of the U.S. Health & Fitness Reimbursement Program.

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References and Resources

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