Good Health Presentations

Dow Health Services provides FREE webinars on various health-related topics. Good Health Presentations are delivered live by a health professional - for you to participate from work, home or wherever you have safe access to a computer.

Employees, retirees, contractors, spouses/domestic partners, and dependents are invited to attend.

Please check back for future presentations.

To Join a WebEx Presentation:

  1. Click the date/time you are attending to link to WebEx.

    You may receive one or more prompts to install an add-on and/or allow changes to your computer. Click “Install” and/or “Yes” to these prompts.

  2. You will be prompted to join the audio portion of the webinar. Choose one of these two options:

    Select “Use Phone,” enter your number and select “Call Me” to have WebEx call you directly. This is the best option if you may want to ask questions during the presentation.

    Select “Use Computer for Audio” and “Call Using Computer” to connect through your Computer. This is the best option if you primarily want to listen, and leave your telephone accessible for incoming and outgoing calls. If you have a question for the presenter, it can be difficult to be heard through your computer microphone; however, you may still ask questions using the Chat box at the top of the screen. Please mute your microphone to avoid any background noise interfering with the presentation.


Please note that information regarding this meeting, such as the date and time you joined and left the meeting, will be collected and stored. This information will be used exclusively to provide and support the service.