Health Reimbursements and Discounts

To help you make the most of your health care dollar, Dow makes available a number of financial incentives and discounts to its employees. Additional non-health related discounts are posted on the Dow Intranet, Keyword: Discounts.

Dow U.S. Health and Fitness Reimbursement

Certain U.S. employees are eligible for partial reimbursement of certain expenses for their choice of approved physical activity, tobacco cessation, and/or nutrition/weight management expenses, as part of the U.S. site Health & Fitness Reimbursement Program.

More Information: For complete guidelines, eligibility, reimbursement amounts and Reimbursement Request form, visit the Dow Intranet, Keyword: US Reimbursement.

Basic Eligibility

  • This program is available only at certain leader-approved sites; to U.S. Field Sales employees; and to U.S. Virtual Office employees with supervisor approval.
  • Only full time and LTFT approved employees are eligible for Health & Fitness Reimbursement.
  • To determine your eligibility, visit the Dow Intranet, Keyword: US Reimbursement.

Weight Watchers

“Click” your way to a healthy weight!

Dow Health Services is committed to helping you achieve your weight-loss goals and improve your overall health! Dow Chemical has joined forces with Weight Watchers® to bring you special savings on a valuable and convenient weight-loss solution.

Receive 20% savings on Weight Watchers Online!

With Weight Watchers Online, you can follow the plan step-by-step entirely online with interactive tools and resources like a weight tracker, progress charts, mobile apps, restaurant guides and much more. Weight Watchers Online is available in two versions specifically designed for men and women, with tailored content that speaks directly to each audience.

Weight Watchers Offering
Special Dow Membership
Dow Reimbursement
(See eligibility criteria below)
Weight Watchers
Online Subscription
$15.15/month 100%

Who’s Eligible for the Dow Weight Watchers Discount?

  • Dow Employees and their Spouses/Partners and Dependents over 18 years of age
  • Dow Retirees and Spouses
  • Contractors

How do I get the discount?
It’s easy! Simply visit and enter the following information to receive your special Dow discount:

  • Dow Chemical ID: 61116
  • Dow Chemical Pass code: ww61116

If you experience any problems with this Weight Watchers site, please call the Weight Watchers Wellness Hotline at 866-204-2885.

Who is eligible for reimbursement?

  • All active U.S. employees and their family members and pre-Medicare retirees and their family members enrolled in either the MAP Plus Option 1 Low Deductible or MAP Plus Option 2 High Deductible benefit plans are eligible for weight management coverage.
  • Click here for more information and to access your Aetna reimbursement forms.