DowFriends Medical Information

Medical Cost and Coverage

To help you make an informed choice, we have provided a series of medical charts. The charts will outline the cost and coverage of the medical plans offered to Dow retirees and eligible family members.

  • MA PPO Plan (44K PDF)
  • Dow Old and New Plan (16K PDF)
  • HMOs: Access is determined by geographic location and Medicare eligibility status
  • Calculating Retiree Medical Premiums

    To help calculate your monthly premium if you are on the Support Schedule:

    • Dow Retiree Medical Calculator

    Please select the summary plan description (SPD) applicable to you:

    The SPD's for the self-funded HMO's are comprised of two parts: 1) SPD Wrapper and 2) Appendix A:

    The SPD's for the insured HMO's are comprised of two parts: 1) SPD Wrapper and 2) HMO publication. The SPD wrapper is at the link below. Contact your HMO or the Retiree Service Center (800-344-0661) to obtain a copy of the HMO publication, which contains coverage details.


    If you have questions, contact the Retiree Service Center toll free at (800) 344-0661 or visit the Dow Benefits site and click on“Message Center”.