DowFriends Life Insurance Information

For information regarding your pre-age 65 or post-age 65 life insurance coverage, please download the applicable Summary Plan Description (SPD) below.

Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD’s)

Summary of Material Modifications (SMMs)

Other Tools

  • Will Preparation and Estate Resolution Services – Pre-Age 65 retirees who are enrolled in Retiree-Paid Optional Life Insurance can prepare or update a standard will for little or no cost, and probate assistance is available for their estate.
  • Funeral Planning Guide (339K PDF) - provides an easy-to-use format for documenting information your survivors will need upon your death.
  • Dignity Funeral Planning (254K PDF) - provides information on funeral discounts and planning services available through MetLife Advantages ‐ at no additional cost to you.
  • Grief Counseling (111 KB PDF) - can provide you, your dependents or beneficiaries with support, comfort, tools and services to help get back to a productive life after experiencing any major loss.


You can now enter and update beneficiary information any time by reviewing the Life Insurance tab of the Forms page.