DowFriends COLI Incentive

COLI Incentive Benefit Plan SPD (58K PDF)
If you retired after 1983, and if the Company asked you to consent to the Company's purchase of Company-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) while you were an active employee, and you consented, you may be entitled to a death benefit equal to either $5000 or $4000 under the COLI Incentive Benefit Plan.

COLI Incentive Beneficiary Form (23K PDF)
Please use this form to designate your beneficiary for the COLI Incentive Benefit Plan. This form may be used by certain Salaried and Midland Hourly Retirees who signed and submitted a COLI Consent Form on whom The Dow Chemical (Company) purchased a corporate-owned life insurance ("COLI") policy on their lives.