Dow Benefits Information

The Dow Benefits Website provides easy access to your benefits. On the website you can review current benefit elections and covered dependents, use tools to compare benefit options, modify benefits if you have a qualifying life status event, access annual enrollment information and enroll for benefits.

Retirees will find updates on medical plans, life insurance, Annual Enrollment, 401(k), pension plans, HIPAA privacy policy and practices, Retiree Service Center and Benefit vendor contact list and links.

Treatment of Long Term Incentives (LTI) Awards at Spin

Who to Contact

If you have any questions about your Benefit programs, contact the Retiree Service Center at (800) 344-0661 or visit the Dow Benefits site and click on "Message Center".

The brief benefit summaries included in this section are not intended to be complete descriptions of each of the respective benefit Plans. Please consult the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) or Plan Documents for the respective Plan for more complete information. If thereare any discrepancies between the information in this section and the legal documents of the applicable Plan, the legal documents will govern. The Dow Chemical Company reserves the right to amend, modify and terminate any of the Plans described in this section at any time at its sole discretion.