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To help you and your family have informed conversations with your doctor and other health care providers about choosing what health care you need – and which medical tests and treatments you may not need – we are excited to offer you the Making Healthy Choices toolset.

These tools, created by Consumer Reports®, include easy-to-read brochures about over 100 health topics, short and compelling videos to help you think about what questions to ask your doctor, and an iPhone app that answers questions such as, “Do I really need this medical test or treatment? What are the risks and benefits? And, what happens if I don’t do anything?”

The website features recommendations from Choosing Wisely®, a campaign developed by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation to address overuse and misuse of health care resources that can be costly and cause harm to patients. ABIM selected Consumer Reports to be their consumer partner, translating the recommendations from over 70 specialty societies into plain-language, patient-friendly communication resources.

Additional information from Best Buy Drugs™ and other campaigns and projects from Consumer Reports on Health are also available.

This easy-to-read information helps you become an active participant in your health care, protect your safety, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

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