We’re All in This Together – World Water Day

No one can tackle the global water crisis alone. Industry, governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals need to work together to find sustainable solutions to water management issues.

Terneuzen, Dow’s largest industrial site outside of the United States, is located in a region that has limited fresh water. As the regional population increases, water sources are becoming even more strained – and climate change challenges add further complexity to the issue. In seeking a solution to improve water efficiency, the Dow Terneuzen site successfully partnered with local water treatment company Evides and the regional District Water Board to find a solution.

By recycling municipal and industrial wastewater at our plant, the reliance on freshwater was reduced. Instead, 4 million m3 of wastewater is reused each year, and each liter of water is used three times by the community and Dow. Terneuzen has also achieved significant water treatment energy use reductions of more than 95 percent, the equivalent of 60,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. In alignment with our sustainability goals, Terneuzen is working to stop importing fresh water entirely by 2025.

The success of the award-winning Terneuzen model has inspired other sustainability efforts across the Company. At Dow Tarragona in Spain, another local partnership led to freeing up freshwater use in the Ebro River Basin. As a result, 40 percent of plant operations are now fueled by reclaimed water. Successes like this reflect our collaborative blueprint approach to solving challenges and are just the beginning of how we can work together to advance a circular economy and value nature by protecting worldwide water sources.