World Water Day

Leaving No One Behind

2.1 billion people around the world are living without an essential human right: access to safe and clean water. Water for bathing. Water for drinking. Water needed to save lives. And marginalized populations may even face discrimination as they try to access clean water. World Water Day on March 22 highlights an aspect of freshwater each year, and the 2019 theme is “Leaving No One Behind.”

At Dow, we are passionately committed to working with communities and other organizations to reduce water scarcity and protect our water resources. As outlined in our 2025 Sustainability Goals, we are using “blueprint thinking” to develop creative solutions to ensure clean, sustainable water for all. We’re also pitching in to raise awareness and protect nature’s most precious asset – in 2018 alone, Dow employees and families removed 54,000 pounds of trash from beaches, waterways and green spaces.

Join us this World Water Day and beyond to learn more about our sustainability collaborations, our clean water innovations and our volunteer efforts around the world – stories and information on the actions we are taking to ensure clean water for all.

We’re All in This Together

When freshwater access is scarce, new solutions are necessary. That’s what happened at Dow Terneuzen, where a partnership with municipal water management businesses helped turn wastewater into energy.

Dow’s Water Journey Infographic

Explore how we are “Leading the Blueprint” through our watershed commitments across the globe.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Water is not optional – we all need it to sustain life. Dow technologies help advance a circular economy and address global water needs.

Calling Mother Nature

How can we reduce floods, droughts and water pollution? Nature holds the answer – through green infrastructure, a system supplying us with the water we need to survive and thrive. Learn how Dow is using green infrastructure to help develop and maintain wetlands.

Dow People Partner to Bring Clean Water to Communities

An estimated 20 million Kenyans suffer from dental discoloration and skeletal fluorosis because they drink water with too high of fluoride content. One Dow employee, Leonard Kareko, has worked to bring together diverse partners to help tackle this issue.

40 Gallon Challenge – Small Acts Add Up

Think you can’t make a difference? Think again. The average American uses 50-75 gallons of water a day. Simple steps, such as shortening your daily shower by two minutes, can save 5 gallons a day. Make a pledge to reduce water waste with the 40 Gallon Challenge.

Water Has the Power to Change Lives

Children across remote regions of Thailand now have clean drinking water, thanks to a partnership that led to the installation of water filtration machines in 50 schools.