Northwestern University

Since its founding in 1851, Northwestern has grown into one of the nation’s premier research institutions with three campuses and a dozen schools.

Key Research

  • Computer Modeling of Engineering Materials
  • Development of Novel Catalysts
  • Sustainable Polymers
  • Fundamentals of Handling Solids


Dr. Keith Watson, Global R&D Director, Coatings and Monomers, The Dow Chemical Company

Did You Know?

Dow is one of the funding partners for Northwestern’s Notestein Research Group, which develops novel routes to the design and synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts, adsorbents, and other functional materials.

News and Highlights


Dow and Northwestern University have collaborated for decades to publish in leading scientific journals. Recent publications include:

  • Ning, YL; Froese, RDJ; Margl, P; Lee, EL; Nguyen, ST; Peterson, TH; Wagner, N; Stern, CL; Sarjeant, AA. 2014. Efficient carbene and carbyne formation in molybdenum(0) and tungsten(0) dinitrogen complexes. ORGANOMETALLICS 33, 5, 1120-1125.
  • Lan, T; Torkelson, JM. 2014. Methacrylate-based polymer films useful in lithographic applications exhibit different glass transition temperature-confinement effects at high and low molecular weight. POLYMER 55, 5, 1249-1258.
  • Fan, Y; Schlick, CP; Umbanhowar, PB; Ottino, JM; Lueptow, RM. 2014. Modelling size segregation of granular materials: the roles of segregation, advection and diffusion. JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS 741, 252-279.
  • Bitton, R; Chow, LW; Zha, RH; Velichko, YS; Pashuck, ET; Stupp, SI. Electrostatic control of structure in self-assembled membranes. SMALL 10, 3, 500-505.
  • Zhu, Q; Ma, Q; Buchholz, DB; Chang, RPH; Bedzyk, MJ; Mason, TO. 2014. Structural and physical properties of transparent conducting, amorphous Zn-doped SnO2 films. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 115, 3.
  • Chu, YF; You, FQ; Wassick, JM. 2014. Hybrid method integrating agent-based modeling and heuristic tree search for scheduling of complex batch processes. COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 60, 277-296.
  • Kovari, LC; Brunzelle, JS; Lewis, KT; Cho, WJ; Lee, JS; Taatjes, DJ; Jena, BP. 2014. X-ray solution structure of the native neuronal porosome-synaptic vesicle complex: Implication in neurotransmitter release. MICRON 56, 37-43.
  • Weston, MH; Colon, YJ; Bae, YS; Garibay, SJ; Snurr, RQ; Farha, OK; Hupp, JT; Nguyen, ST. 2014. High propylene/propane adsorption selectivity in a copper(catecholate)-decorated porous organic polymer. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 2, 2, 299-302.

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