Reducing waste through innovation

Eliminating plastic waste is about more than just recycling and reusing. It’s about creating innovative solutions that are sustainable and investing in the circular economy through recyclability and efficiency for plastic packaging. 

Jeff Wooster, Global Sustainability Director at Dow, spoke with Ron Cotterman, Vice President, Innovation and Sustainability for Sealed Air, about collaborating with partners across the value chain, designing materials for a circular economy, and the importance of continuing to innovate products and packaging design to reduce plastic waste.

Linda Roman

Meet Ron Cotterman


-Vice President, Innovation and Sustainability for Sealed Air

Ron Cotterman is responsible for Sealed Air’s company-wide sustainability strategy. He leads initiatives in operational excellence, customer value, and partnerships across the value chain. His background includes 16 years at Sealed Air and over 30 years of industrial experience in technology innovation, business development and sustainability.

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