Finding Ways for Business and Nature to Work Together

Dow is working with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and other public and private organizations to identify cost-effective and systemic solutions to climate risk in and around coastal areas. 

To tackle water reliability issues, Dow and TNC will be working with, in and around our most water-stressed sites – starting with the Gulf Coast – to identify and implement watershed-level projects aimed at improving both water quality and water quantity in the region.

This work is building on a longtime collaboration that began in 2011, when TNC and Dow set out together to demonstrate how building nature’s value into business strategy could lead to better outcomes for companies and conservation. Since then, Dow and TNC have not only helped build the case for why businesses should invest in nature, we also have developed the tools and practices to assess business projects as they relate to nature.

Highlights include:

  •  Research that natural solutions could help protect business assets from storm damage and mitigate risks associated with water shortages.
  • The collaboration developed the ESII Tool, designed to help corporate, government and organization decision makers rapidly assess the value of nature to a business or community.

Over the last three years, the collaboration has focused on jointly developing and deploying the tools and processes needed to implement Dow’s Valuing Nature Goal. TNC and Dow worked together to establish a nature-based decision-making framework that is practical for our employees to use. The aim is to help create tools and processes that incorporate ecosystem services into a for-profit corporation’s decision-making process.

After nine years, the collaboration between Dow and TNC continues to be an example of how companies and organizations from different sectors can work together to make real change happen.