2025 Sustainability Goals: Valuing Nature

Dow applies a business-decision process that values nature, which will deliver business value and natural capital value through projects that are good for the Company and better for ecosystems.

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Too frequently taken for granted, nature provides a variety of valuable services – such as clean air and water – to individuals, communities and businesses. These benefits, however, are complex and can be difficult to quantify. At Dow, we’re committed to making business decisions in a way that appreciates and incorporates the value of nature’s services.

Valuing nature can produce opportunities and drive innovation. It’s a new “win-win” way of business thinking that Dow is leading today. If companies understand and value the benefits nature provides to their bottom line, they will be more likely to plan, manage and invest in these resources in smarter, more productive and mutually beneficial ways. That’s why Dow applies a business decision process that values nature. Dow will deliver business value and natural capital value through projects that are good for the company and good for ecosystems.

Considering nature in decision-making across a global business on the scale of the 2025 Sustainability Goals has never been done before. This Goal will create new value for Dow and society by helping to sustain nature’s future value. With specialized tools, Dow and other businesses around the world can incorporate the value of nature into their business processes, strategies and decisions. By 2025, Dow, working with partners, will implement three additional projects located at Dow manufacturing sites or directly impacting Dow businesses.

Dow will identify and implement business-driven project alternatives that will best enhance nature and deliver $1 billion in net present value.

Project Net Present Value

  • By 2025, Dow will deliver $1 billion in value through projects that are good for business and good for ecosystems.
  • By 2020, all R&D, capital and real estate projects at Dow will be screened using Nature’s Future Value assessments, a tool we developed with The Nature Conservancy to measure the value of ecosystem services.
Recent Success

While we recognize there is still work to do, Dow has already made progress incorporating nature into the Company’s strategic decisions.

  • In 2011, midway through our second set of Sustainability Goals, Dow and The Nature Conservancy came together on a collaboration to determine how to improve the ways Dow can properly consider the value of nature in its business decisions. The goal of the collaboration is to develop and apply methods to evaluate the benefits nature provides and create a way for companies to assess, incorporate and invest in nature and these benefits.
  • Dow’s Seadrift, Texas Project has used reconstructed wetland for wastewater treatment, yielding more than $280 million in net present value
  • Dow is the only chemical company working with the Natural Capital Coalition to develop a protocol for valuing nature in business. Read More