Versace Bright Crystal Perfume Cap

- January 11, 2018 -

Fundamental to Dow’'s offering for the cosmetics and personal care industry is Dow Surlyn® resin, which continues to play an important role in many packaging developments for top-name fragrances thanks to its combined appeal of functional performance and aesthetic charm.

Dow’s \"Make a Statement\" slogan for its cosmetics and personal care offering reflects how the company's design expertise, backed by solid packaging technology and materials know-how, can help producers of leading cosmetics and personal care products give their brands a unique look and feel.

Inspired by the world around them, whether the bright lights of the city, or a country's national architecture, or the forms created by nature, designers turn to Dow to translate their inspirations into attractive and alluring packaging for new fragrance, cosmetics and personal care products.

Brilliant Material Choice

The science of material selection is essential to luxury goods. Dow Surlyn® offers a unique combination of glass-like clarity, functional performance, appealing surfaces, a luxurious feel, and ease of production. That's why the material continues to find recognition among leading cosmetics brands such as Versace.

The brilliant, massive Versace Bright Crystal perfume cap, made of Dow Surlyn®, matches its contents perfectly. Shaped like a giant, multi-faceted diamond, the molded cap is as captivating and voluptuous as the fragrance inside.

The closure was originally designed in glass, but the molder G. Candiani srl, together with the fragrance's creator, Euroitalia srl., decided to look for alternatives due to quality and cost considerations. The company found that Dow Surlyn® PC2000 provides a cost-effective solution.

The clarity of Surlyn® was essential for the application. Beyond this, the material provided scratch- and abrasion-resistance, stiffness and chemical resistance, and easy processing. With Surlyn® PC2000, molders can produce thick to very thick parts of complex shape, and a glossy-smooth, perfectly flat surface without defects.