US Benefits Enrollment

Consistent with our long-time focus on the health of our people, Dow continues to offer a wide range of valuable benefits options to help you live a healthy life and feel secure.

Midland, Michigan - November 01, 2017 - Open enrollment for U.S. retirees will be held November 1-17, 2017. Retirees will receive a “What’s New” newsletter and separate personalized Benefits Enrollment Statement in the mail or to the email address they have designated. In addition, the Dow Benefits website ( will provide employees and retirees with online access to their benefits as well as several benefit decision support tools. Enrollment information will also be available on

Shared Focus on Health and Wellness Helps Keep Rates Lower

Dow’s commitment to helping its people thrive by providing a wide variety of wellness programs and your actions to take advantage of these resources to improve your health are helping to keep rates lower. Medical premium rates tie directly to how healthy we are as a population, and Dow is pleased to announce that premium rates in the nationally offered MAP Plus plans are not expected to increase significantly in 2018! You can help keep Dow’s medical spending trend low by continuing to use these wellness resources to achieve your personal health and wellbeing goals.

Consider MAP Plus Option 2

Did you know more than 65 percent of retirees are enrolled in the MAP Plus Option 2 Plan? The Option 2 High Deductible Plan offers all of the same attractive features as Option 1 Low Deductible. You use the same network of providers and have the same services covered. The difference is that Option 1 Low Deductible has much higher monthly premiums and generally lower costs at the point of service. The same is true of many of the regionally offered HMO plans that also have a higher monthly premium and generally lower point of service costs. The Option 2 High Deductible has lower monthly premiums, and higher costs at the point of service. All plans have excellent protection of high cost care. In most situations, when comparing monthly contributions and costs at the point of service, Option 2 High Deductible is the lowest annual cost option.

If you aren’t already enrolled in Option 2, you may want to reconsider it – it’s a “pay as you go” option that may be a better fit for your situation.

If you have any questions, contact the Retiree Service Center at 1-800-344-0661, option 1, or go to https://www. and click on “Message Center.”