Turning Trash to Treasure in a Circular Economy

- July 18, 2016 -

On July 7, at the invitation of the Dutch Embassy in Washington, D.C., Eunice Heath, global director of Sustainability, represented Dow on a circular economy panel designed to reach the U.S. Congress and broader American business community. The objective of the discussion was to highlight circular economy approaches as sustainable business models, and encourage the policy-making community to encourage legislation to support and incentivize sustainable investments.

“For Dow, circular economy isn't a theme or a concept – it's a mindset shift that requires redesign of systems/value chains, innovation and new business models,” stated Heath. “We have built a strong foundation towards a circular economy over the past 20 years of our sustainability journey, by improving our own resource management, developing technologies to support our customers' efficiency and enabling technologies that improve resource management, longevity, durability and environmental performance for the planet. We have built a footprint, a handprint and are now developing a blueprint on what it takes to transform from a linear economy to a circular economy.”

The event included a standing-room only crowd of local businesses, NGOs and Congressional office staff. Much of the discussion focused around enabling these ideas and changes in policy, as well as the practicalities of financing and how to make circular economy practices economically viable and mainstream.

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