Turkish Industry Perfume Caps

- January 11, 2018 -

Dow Surlyn® strengthens its position in Turkish Industry Perfume Caps

Recent cosmetic applications in Turkey demonstrate the growing global appeal of elegant and functional Dow Surlyn® molding resins.

For the perfume caps of its \"Fiery\" perfume line, Akat Cosmetics chose Surlyn® for its transparency and functional properties such as chemical and impact resistance. Similar criteria resulted in the Turkish company, Erkul Cosmetics, choosing Surlyn® high-performance polymer for the caps of its new \"Golden Rose\" perfume line. Akat Cosmetics, established in Istanbul in 1970, was looking to reinvigorate its \"Fiery\" perfume line. They chose Surlyn® PC 2000 as the new material for its cap, previously made of aluminum or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Akat's marketing team, recognizing that Surlyn® was becoming the industry-choice for premium European perfumes, found the material's reputation was well-deserved.

Comparing alternatives such as aluminum, PMMA or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Akat found that Surlyn® offered glass-like transparency and appealing surface-feel, along with essential chemical and impact resistance. The material's ease of processing enabled production of thick-walled caps in a single injection-molding operation, a further benefit of Surlyn® which has led to its popularity in cosmetic applications.

Color adherence of the cap with the bottle is achieved with the use of a masterbatch. \"We have been greatly impressed by the aesthetics and performance of Surlyn®. The overall appeal of our packaging, which incorporates a butterfly theme, is maintained by the attractiveness of the Surlyn® cap,\" comments Adnan Akat, owner of Akat Cosmetics.

Meanwhile, Erkul Cosmetics uses Surlyn® PC 100 molding resin, a grade of Surlyn®, which is able to achieve high levels of optical clarity, for the perfume caps of its \"Golden Rose\" perfume. Representing a new line for the company, the in-house packaging production team sought a material able to replicate the color and transparency of the packaged product.

\"These latest applications in Turkey confirm the global appeal of Surlyn® for cosmetic applications, particularly around the theme of perfect transparency without sacrifices in performance,\" states Nilgun Turan, business development manager in the country for DuPont Cosmetic Solutions. \"Beyond our value-adding materials, key strengths of the DuPont offering include our consulting and technical expertise, gained from a cutting-edge, global role in providing cosmetic solutions . All are of considerable benefit to a developing cosmetic industry such as the one in Turkey,\" she adds.