Tie Resin Selector Tool

- January 01, 2016 -

Dow Tie Resin Selector Tool

Well engineered packaging structures typically combine multiple layers of plastic to build a set of properties needed at retail, such as puncture resistance, oxygen or moisture barrier properties, and seal integrity. Because each performance layer can be a different plastic, it can be challenging to get the layers to stick to each other.

Tailored Adhesion for Paired Materials

To help boost adhesion of dissimilar layers in a multilayered packaging structure, adhesive resins called \"tie layers\" can be used. Dow supplies the world's broadest range of these specialized adhesive resins, with more than 100 grades to choose from.

Choosing Dow Adhesive Resins, by Region and Processing Method

To help packaging manufacturers choose their best tie resin, Dow has created a \"Tie Resin Selector\" tool.

  1. Start by choosing a manufacturing region.
  2. The tool then presents common pairings of materials, and those with a green box indicate that Dow has an offering to bond that pair of materials.
  3. Clicking on any green box returns a list of locally available Dow tie resins for the chosen materials pairing.
    (While these recommendations work in the majority of applications, other considerations play a role in the selection of a tie resin, such as the need for the tie to contribute to transparency, processability, temperature resistance or moisture barrier of the coextrusion structure. For these situations, it is always best to consult with Dow, as we may have additional grades that may be better suited for your particular application.)
  4. Results are conveniently arranged by production method: cast film, blown film, sheet, double bubble, coextrusion coating, etc. Click on any listed Dow tie resin to get grade-specific data, including melt index, density or key processing information. It's that easy!

The Dow Packaging Tie Resin Selector puts the science of interpolymer adhesion in your control, helping you assemble well-engineered multilayer packaging for required end-use performance and production efficiency.

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