Texas Operations Sets New Safety Records

- August 22, 2016 -

Dow Texas Operations (TXO) is once again setting safety records in 2016. The site has achieved 411 Process Safety Incident-free days, exceeding the previous mark of 390 days, as well as 171 days without a Dow employee OSHA incident, breaking the previous record of 156 days.

“I am incredibly proud of the way Dow Texas Operations' personnel take ownership of safety for themselves, their co-workers and our communities,” said Lisa LaBean, TXO Responsible Care leader. “They are proving that working as One Team, our site can continue to set new standards for our safety performance.”

Elaine French, associate EH&S Operations director at Texas Operations, said the new record is a result of dedication throughout every aspect of the organization. “EH&S culture at the site just keeps getting better,” said French. “Our people are more committed than ever to our work processes and standards, and to running our plants safely. Our leaders are leading in the right direction. Our influencers are influencing in the right direction. Everyone is taking responsibility for keeping themselves and those around them safe.”