tamper evident packaging

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Tamper-evident packaging is a must to protect ice cream, one of the world’s favorite treats. And a faulty seal cannot delay production, especially in the summer, when ice cream demand is at its peak. In Italy, home to some of the world’s best ice cream, Dow Appeel® peelable sealant resin keeps ice cream safe and keeps production rolling.

The Challenge

Cellografica Gerosa, a packaging converter with locations in Italy, France, Germany, and Spain, needed a more reliable way to seal the container for ice cream made by Sammontana, one of Italy’s top ice cream makers. Its seal was not adhering properly to the container, risking safety issues and production delays.

Using an EVA blend was leading to roll blocking (meaning the EVA sealant wanted to “cling” to the backside of the film that is on the roll), which caused production problems for Cellografica Gerosa, as well as processing problems for Sammontana. 

The Solution

A long-term Dow customer, Cellografica Gerosa discussed this challenge with Dow, who worked with them to test possible solutions. 

The end result was the development of a tamper-evident film for a polypropylene container. This film consists of a biaxially-oriented PET layer sandwich-printed and then laminated to a peelable sealing layer made of Appeel®11D554, a specially created grade of DuPont™ Appeel® peelable sealant resins.

The appeal of Appeel® goes beyond superior tamper-evident packaging. Packaging converting lines can run continuously, avoiding flow breakdowns. Appeel® is formulated intentionally to reduce stickiness, yet still seal and peel as required. And because Appeel® offers one-bag convenience and can seal to other substrates, Cellografica Gerosa is able to reduce its inventory of raw material SKUs, because the same material can be used for different container applications. 

“The versatility of this adhesive resin is really significant and translates into important advantages for both converters and users,” said Dr. Castagna, Gerosa Group’s research and development manager.

“Good processability on the converting line is another important benefit provided by Appeel®,” continued Castagna. “In the past we have used some blends with high EVA content and this caused, particularly in the summer, blocking of the lines, delaying the manufacturing process.”

Key Advantages

Besides being an excellent choice for tamper-evident packaging, Appeel® resin was chosen for the following reasons:

  • Provides superior safety and processing characteristics compared to other resins
  • Creates a reliable, easy-to-peel seal
  • Can be used on a variety of container, cup, and tray materials, including PS, PP, PET, and PVC
  • Offers a broad temperature-sealing window, excellent hot-tack, and good organoleptics

Together, Cellografica Gerosa and Dow were able to lick several packaging issues with one solution — Appeel® — and keep ice cream safe until ready to be scooped.