Stormproof Roofing Florida Condos

- January 11, 2018 -

Seaplace Condominiums, Longboat Key, Florida, relies on an innovative, single-ply stormproof roofing membrane containing Dow Elvaloy® resin to eliminate water leaks, blistering and splitting caused by intense coastal storms.

The condominium complex, located on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, had severe leaking problems in two, built-up asphalt roofs, causing extensive damage to apartments below. According to Richard Wescolt, general manager of the complex, \"Owners and condo management did not want the continued trouble of maintaining the leaking roofs or repairing the water damage they caused.\"

David Gracey, Seaplace's roofing consultant, said poor workmanship and improper ventilation of the 11,000 square-foot roofs contributed to their deterioration. Also, it was virtually impossible to pinpoint exact sources of the leaks. Gracey recommended replacing the entire roof with a single-ply membrane.

\"I chose a FiberTite® stormproof roofing membrane because it has excellent watertight properties and resists environmental abuse such as abrasive salt air and ultraviolet rays,\" Gracey said. The membrane, manufactured by the Seaman Corporation, is an ethylene interpolymer alloy containing Dow Elvaloy® KEE resin.

Ken Carroll, sales engineer at Seaman's Sarasota, Fla., Building Systems Division, says the combination of Elvaloy® , a non-migrating modifier, and a tough polyester fabric makes ethylene interpolymer an extremely durable membrane, ideally suited for use in storm-prone, waterfront environments.

FiberTite® resists heavy rain, temperature extremes and has outstanding wind resistance properties. It has passed Factory Mutual tests for wind uplift at 1-60, and 1-90.

Of the two built-up roofs to be replaced, one was a lightweight concrete deck; the other, a structural concrete deck with insulation board between layers. Neither roof could contain rainwater where it met building support walls.

Additionally, the insulation board between the built-up layers of the second roof became saturated with water causing rooftop \"ponding\" and a ribbed splitting effect called \"alligatoring\". \"Before installing the FiberTite® membrane at Seaplace, the soaked insulation board beneath the roof's capsheet had to be located and removed.

\"We discovered 11 areas of water-saturated insulation totaling 3,800 square feet. Workers had to tear out the old roof right to the concrete deck to remedy the problem,\" Gracey said.

FiberTite membranes were installed easily in pre-fabricated, wide-width rolls up to 2,000 square feet, using non-exposed roof fastening tabs and hot air welding for seams. The welds formed a watertight molecular bond and eliminated the need for adhesives or solvents.

New roofs of FiberTite® were installed over a three-month period. Since then, both buildings' water problems have been solved. \"The membrane is so dependable we guarantee it to maintain a watertight roof for 10 years,\" Carroll said.

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