Stand-Out Cereal Packaging

- January 11, 2018 -

Target's Archer Farms® cereal packaging stands out from traditional bag-in-box competitors both inside and out. The distinct oval container features an inner liner using Dow Surlyn® ionomer resin to keep cereal fresh without the need for a separate bag.

The Challenge

Archer Farms® is the premium private label brand for retail trendsetter Target. Looking for a new way to stand out on the shelf, Archer Farms® turned to Sonoco, its food packaging converter, to help it redefine the breakfast cereal category, where bag-in-box packaging has reigned supreme for decades. Changing breakfast as usual meant changing the box, but without compromising crisp, fresh cereal.

The Solution

To make an impact on the shelf and on the breakfast table, Sonoco’s LinearPak® oval-shaped cereal packaging container did away with the bag.

Made of paperboard, the container has a similar footprint to a traditional cereal box, but has curved sides to fit the consumer’s hand and a hinged plastic overcap to facilitate pouring and recloseability. To open the package, the consumer gently peels a tabbed membrane adhered to the top of the container.

To maintain freshness, Sonoco used Surlyn® to seal the poly-coated foil inner liner of the container. This eliminates the need for a separate bag inside the container and keeps the cereal crisp and dry, even after repeated opening and closing. It’s a simple solution that makes preparing breakfast a little simpler every day.

Key Advantages

Surlyn® packaging sealant was chosen by converter Sonoco for two key application-specific advantages:

  • It makes the inner liner abrasion-resistant, to help maintain a humidity barrier and preserve product freshness.
  • It helps assure consistent adhesion of the canister’s convenient easy-pour overcap during repeated use.

From cereal packaging design through production, DuPont material science specialists worked closely with Sonoco to create an efficient, high-quality production process and end result.

LinearPak® is a trademark of Sonoco.

Archer Farms® is a registered trademark of Target Brands, Inc.