Spray Foam Formulation Flexibility

Midland, MI - March 29, 2016 -

The new VORANOL™ 425XL Mannich Polyol from Dow Polyurethanes helps spray polyurethane foam formulators to differentiate their products with greater formulation flexibility.

Similar to other 425OH Mannich Polyols available on the market, VORANOL 425XL provides the same high performance with roughly half the viscosity, giving formulators more flexibility in their system designs—enabling the production of a wide range of low- to high-density foams. A low viscosity provides easier handling and the flexibility to choose the optimum loading level for any application.

The amine catalyst is built directly into VORANOL 425XL, allowing for the reduction of additional amine catalysts in the formulation, which can help simplify the manufacturing process and reduce overall formulation costs. Because VORANOL 425XL is autocatalytic, it provides superior dimensional stability and strength, and promotes cold surface adhesion.

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