Slender Perfume Caps

- January 11, 2018 -

The new fragrance, KenzoAmour Florale EDT is a fresh, romantic and floral perfume sprinkled with gentle petals and inspired by adventures from journeys. The fragrance’s spirit of lightness is also reflected in the tall and elegant profile of the bottle and cap, which together demonstrate perfect unity in their appearance. They were designed by Karim Rashid, with their shape based on the sensuality of a woman’s curves. In line with other bottles from the KenzoAmour range, both the bottle and cap combine transparency with a graduated white haze, achieved by the gradual application of lacquer. Starting out clear from the bottom of the bottle, the white lacquer gradually becomes thicker towards the top of the bottle, where it reaches maximum opacity. In contrast, the cap, which is opaque at its base, becomes increasingly translucent until it is totally clear at the top.

Texen-CMSI, selected for its expertise and mastery in processing Surlyn® PC 2000, was able to mould the cap as a single piece, achieving a perfect geometry without any sink marks or voids. In light of the cap’s height – 5.51” (140 mm) for the 2.87 oz (85 ml) model and 4.44” (110 mm) for the 1.35 oz (40 ml) model – Texen-CMSI developed a fast cooling process for the part molded from Surlyn® in order to ensure its high performance and dimensional stability.

“The technical constraints, resulting from the very stringent requirements set by the prestigious Kenzo brand, allowed us to meet exciting challenges,” explains Stéphane Lesprit, innovation project leader at Texen-CMSI. First, the lacquering, carried out by Texen-CCM (the surface treatment plant) had to be perfected for both the glass and Surlyn® parts in order to ensure a precise visual pairing of the two parts and to ensure the crystal-clear transparency of the resin was not be impaired. Moreover, the join between the bottle and the cap, as well as the borders of the lacquering on the glass bottle and on the Surlyn® cap, were required to be invisible to heighten their uniform appearance. Finally, the clarity and purity of the cap molded from Surlyn® were preserved using a layer of colorless varnish, also applied to the bottle. In the upper section of the cap, within the flawless clarity of Surlyn®, a

KenzoAmour tampography has been applied using silver/white ink. “The result is a stunning alliance between the crystal-clear transparencies of the cap molded from Surlyn® and of the KenzoAmour bottle,” confirms Élodie Suet, perfume development manager at Kenzo.

As is the case with all applications of the Dow resin in cosmetic and perfume applications, Surlyn® demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to the chemicals present in the fragrance; accelerated ageing tests were performed by Texen-CMSI to ensure both the bottle and the cap would retain their clarity, and to check their non-yellowing. “Our mastery of Surlyn® resin, which we have been using for many years, and of the various processes applied here, allowed us to produce a uniquely thin part that is in perfect harmony with the bottle and defies today’s technical challenges,” concludes Stéphane Lesprit.