Skin Care Packaging Bvlgari

- January 11, 2018 -

Dow Surlyn® has been adopted for the primary skin care packaging of Bvlgari’s recent exclusive skincare line ‘Serum Précieux’. Bvlgari chose the clear material for the bottle’s outer-casing as a symbol of purity. Surlyn® allows light to transmit to the content, yet is unbreakable and, despite the sharp edges of the bottle’s design, is unsusceptible to chipping. Additional benefits included chemical resistance to avoid both stress-cracking and chemical deterioration of the part’s surface, combined with a warm and pleasant touch.

The bottle was produced by SAF, a French cosmetic packaging company with many years of molding experience with Surlyn®. “The absence of sink marks, an almost invisible parting line design, and the location of a tiny injection gate under the bottle’s extremely thick base, were all accomplishments attributable to both the resin’s performance and our knowledge of mold design and the processing requirements of Surlyn®,” comments Mr Bruno Riss, CEO of SAF . “The molded outer-casing is designed with undercuts to permit the snap-fit assembly of the PP inner-tube. Thanks to the high elongation at break of Surlyn®, these thin-walled sections are extremely flexible, meaning that the moulded part may be extracted from the core plate using forced demolding, without the risk of the parts becoming damaged. All these key requirements, combined in the same part, would be very difficult to achieve with other transparent resins.”

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