Roofing Membranes Made with Elvaloy Kee

- January 01, 2016 -

To make sure your roofing project has the long-lasting performance of DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE, ask for it by name when preparing your bid package or getting estimates. Check the manufacturer's technical literature for properties, specifications and code approvals of their membranes containing Elvaloy®.

Descriptive terms used in the technical literature referring to Elvaloy® KEE include \"ketone ethylene ester (KEE)\" and \"ethylene interpolymer (EIP).\"

Not All PVC Roofing Contains Elvaloy® KEE

Most roofing membranes made with Elvaloy® KEE are included in a generic class called \"thermoplastic,\" which includes PVC. However, not all PVC roofing contains Elvaloy®. Only PVC with Elvaloy® KEE has the advantage of a solid phase (non-migrating) flexibilizer to prevent embrittlement and assure easy maintenance over the service life of the installation.

Consider The Total Life-Cycle Cost of a Roofing System

The total cost of a roofing system is affected by the materials chosen, installation, maintenance and final disposal requirements over the useful life of the roof. The long-term durability and ease of working with roofing systems based on Elvaloy® KEE makes them very competitive. Efficient installation, clean and easy repairs, and delayed replacement also mean less business disruption, less occupant inconvenience, and less worry for facility managers.

Specifying Elvaloy® KEE also helps assure your roof is installed by experienced, professional contractors who share your value for long-term performance. Good roofing contractors build their reputations by installing and maintaining problem-free roofing, and their skills and experience are your very best assurance of leak-free buildings, now and in the future.

Many manufacturers and installers of roofing systems using Elvaloy® KEE are mentioned in the case histories included on this web site.