Roof Protection Wooster High School

- January 11, 2018 -

Wooster, Ohio, completed a state-of-the-art high school for 1,600 students. Among the school's features are a 55,000-square-foot Community Recreation and Fitness Center co-managed with the local parks and recreation department; and a 50-meter by 25-meter pool and related facilities managed by the YMCA and built with $2.3 million in private donations.

Besides gaining private contributions for the new school, Wooster officials and teachers also worked closely with architects to assure modern, flexible spaces that can accommodate new technologies as they come along. Studios for radio and television production are matched by a professionally designed theater with full stage management and lighting systems, stageside dressing rooms, and a loading dock for bringing in sets.

In all, the new school provides 386,000 square feet of PC-networked, AV-enhanced, up-to-date space for modern education and community activities.

To protect this important long-term investment, Wooster High School installed a FiberTite® single-ply roof protection system, manufactured by Seaman Corporation.

The 200,000-square-foot roof protection membrane incorporates Seaman-developed fabric technology, along with polyester fibers and a proprietary ethylene interpolymer alloy (EIP) coating based on Dow Elvaloy® KEE ketone ethylene ester.

The FiberTite® coating process creates a molecular bond to the fabric, preventing delamination of the coating from the fabric and helping block the entry of destructive moisture or chemicals. The membrane has a tensile strength of 8500 psi and is highly resistant to tearing and weathering.

Walter Neubert of Franklin Roofing, Painesville, Ohio, commented on the single-ply membrane installation: \"Our guys really liked working with it,\" he said. \"It's a heat-welded product. That allowed us to do the job a little quicker.\" According to Neubert, the roof's light color also provides good reflective value.

The Seaman-manufactured membrane, mechanically attached to the roof deck, resists rooftop contaminants and pollutants such as jet fuel, hydrocarbons, food processing fats and oils.

The flame-resistant membranes are rated UL Class A and FM Class l. The Wooster High School roof was installed with a 15-year warranty.

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