Recycled Packaging Containers Eco Award

- January 01, 2016 -

In 2010, Dowreceived a sustainable products award in Brazil for its role in enabling a recycled packaging process for multi-layer agrichemical bottles.

In multi-layer plastic containers, each layer contributes its own useful function. For example, one layer may provide physical durability, while another layer adds chemical resistance. During the recycled packaging process, all of these layers get crushed together, creating a challenging source material to re-process into useful new plastic products.

Adding a Compatibilizer Adds Value
Mixed plastics have mixed ideas about coming together as one: They don't naturally want to melt-flow together when heated up, or stay together when cooled down. So for most useful processing, they need a polymer \"compatibilizer.\"

Dow™ Fusabond® compatibilizer adjusts the attraction of mixed plastics to each other. They mix and bond better in the recycling process, producing a more useful raw material for manufactured products such as drainage pipes. To facilitate this result using Brazilian agrichemical containers, Dow collaborated with multiple companies in the value chain to help establish a closed-loop recycle program and higher-value end-use processing.

In mixed plastics recycle streams such as this, using Fusabond® improves impact resistance, surface finish, and processability of parts and films ... so the recycled material can be made into more sustainable articles with less material loss and higher end-use value.