Protecting Restaurant Rooftop Grease

- January 11, 2018 -

A picturesque dockside location on Sarasota Bay and excellent seafood make the Flying Bridge Restaurant, Osprey, Florida, unusual among area eateries. It has, however, one thing in common with practically every other restaurant in the world — the messy and dangerous build-up of restaurant rooftop grease and animal fats from kitchen ventilators.

Flying Bridge's original, three-ply, built-up restaurant roof was not grease resistant, and fats and oils would accumulate in sticky, five-foot wide pools. Cleaning was not possible because many years' concentration of grease was deeply embedded in the roof's mineral surface capsheet.

A lightweight FiberTite® roofing membrane that resists deterioration caused by fats and grease helped solve the restaurant's problem.

When the restaurant owners decided to remove the original cover to add a second story to the building, they contacted John Ingram, president, Ingram Roofing Inc., Nokomis, Fla., to supply a new 3,000-square-foot roof. \"I chose the FiberTite® membrane because of its excellent resistance to fats and grease. It also withstands abuse by the hot sun, stays watertight in bay storms, and is easy to clean,\" Ingram said.

FiberTite, a single-ply membrane, is made from an ethylene interpolymer alloy containing DuPont Elvaloy® resin modifier and reinforced with a Dacron® polyester fiber fabric. The membrane is manufactured by the Seaman Corporation.

According to Samuel Eisentrout, Seaman sales engineer, the membrane containing Elvaloy® provides outstanding chemical resistance resulting in greatly reduced maintenance costs to restaurant owners. \"Grease and fat accumulations can be washed away using ordinary soap and water,\" he says.

The membrane also will not crack under normal building expansion/contraction or ultraviolet exposure, an important attribute in the hot Florida sun.

Roofers Appreciate Reliable Heat-Weld Seams

\"A FiberTite® roof is less trouble to install than many other systems because of its ability to be heat-welded,\" Ingram said. \"During installation of the Flying Bridge roof, we were able to use reliable heat-welding to join sections together, rather than glue or solvents.\"

FiberTite® membranes containing Elvaloy® resin modifier perform under a wide range of heat, wind and chemical abuse while providing watertight protection guaranteed for ten years.

Seaman Corporation Building Systems Division produces membranes in up to 2,000 square-foot rolls or in customized sizes for special applications.

More than 125 million square feet of membranes produced by Seaman Corporation have been installed worldwide.

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